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With home working more prominent than ever before, it’s important to ensure that you have an efficient working environment. A good workspace not only improves your productivity, but also provides great physical and mental health benefits.

As an employer, it’s crucial that you support your employees with the supplies they need for home working. You have a duty of care for your staff’s well-being and it’s important that you provide them with the tools they need to get the job done.

As an employee you should also be taking the right steps to ensure you’re set up in the best way as possible. You should make sure that you have everything you need from your employer, but you also need to quickly adapt to a new way of working and be strict with yourself.

Due to the new COVID-19 government restrictions and the recommendation to work from home where you can, it’s likely that home working will be around for a lot of businesses for some time to come. Therefore, now is the best time to invest.

If you’re looking to begin working from home, or to improve your current setup for yourself or your staff members, here’s a few ideas to help:

A Supportive Office Chair

Keep your employees fighting fit with a good office chair!

Office chairs are one of the most important pieces of office furniture to get right. They can drastically affect your productivity as well and providing numerous physical health benefits.

Chairs that aren’t specially designed to be used at a desk for over 8 hours a day aren’t practical. Dining chairs for example will unlikely be at the right height for your desk and don’t often support good posture.

Ensuring that your employees are physically comfortable is one of the most important and easiest ways to allow them to be productive.

A bad chair can lead to serious spinal issues and back problems, which could potentially also lead to employees leaving or even requiring compensation. Therefore, as an employer, it’s in your best interests to ensure your employees have a decent chair even when working from home.

There are various types of suitable office chairs available at a range of different budgets. Our Harrogate Executive Chairs are an extremely popular and versatile style.

For the ultimate in comfort, you may opt for Orthopaedic Chairs that are specially designed to promote good posture. They ultimately help with back problems as they provide more support than regular office chairs.

A Suitable Desk

An appropriate workstation such as a desk is crucial. In the same way as chairs, you shouldn’t just use any type of table as a workstation. Dining tables for example aren’t at the correct height for laptops or monitors to be used at. This could therefore significantly affect your posture.

At Yorkshire Office Group, we offer a huge range of desks suitable for any environment. If you’re looking to purchase for remote working purposes, then our vast range of budget office desks may be ideal. A desk with built in drawers for storage would also be really useful to help you stay organised and to not lose any important pieces of work.

You could also opt for the modern height adjustable electric desks. It can become very difficult to concentrate for over 8 hours a day in an office surrounded by your colleagues and managers, never mind at home. In a home working environment, a change of position between sitting and standing could be essential to helping you improve your energy levels and stay focused.

A Dedicated Space

Having a dedicated workspace at home is crucial. For your mental health especially, you need this so that you’re able to differentiate between working and resting and are able to fully switch off during out-of-hours.

If you don’t give yourself that all-important time away from the ‘office’ then you will become unmotivated for work and unproductive. If you have a spare bedroom, then this could be a great option, particularly if it allows natural daylight in which is a great mood-booster.

You should make sure that your workspace has as much privacy as possible. This is especially important if you share a house with housemates to help avoid outside distractions.

If you’ll be on the phone or video calls frequently then it would be good to reduce the amount of background noise. As an employer, if your business deals with confidential or sensitive information, then for this reason you may also have to insist that your staff are in a room where they cannot be overheard. You could help implement this through supplying them with nose reducing partitions and screens for example.

If you currently have employees working from home, then you should ensure that they’re equipped with everything they need in the right working environment to get the job done.

If you’re a business based within Yorkshire, then we can help you. Based within Wakefield, West Yorkshire, we supply businesses throughout the surrounding area with office furniture. This includes Leeds, Sheffield, Barnsley, Rotherham, York, Wetherby, Tadcaster, Selby, Harrogate and more.

With over 20 years’ experience, we work with only the most reputable manufacturers in the industry and can provide advice and recommendations on the best office furniture for you.

For more information, you can give our friendly team a call on 01924 88 88 00, email us at or click here to book a free consultation.


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