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A week in the life of … a Yorkshire Sit Stand Desk (my other names are:Height Adjustable Desk ; Sit/Stand Desk ; Standing Desk ; Stand Up Desk ; Electrically Adjustable Desk)

40/60 week this week – my owner used my height raising function this week around 40% of the time.He’s definitely putting weight on, needs to stand more! word is his new girlfriend is feeding him too well ????.

Anyhow, enough about him … thought I might throw in a few useful facts this week rather than the usual office gossip …


How many hours per day do you spend just sitting? Fewer than 6? Figures taken from a recent survey found many of us spend up to 12 hours per day sitting looking at computer screens or watching TV.

Did You Know?

Standing at work may seem rather strange, but did you know Winston Churchill had a standing desk?

How Many Calories?

How Many Calories would you burn standing at work for an extra 3 hours per day rather than sitting?What difference would that make to your weight in a year?

Check out next weeks blog for the answers …


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