Blog | A Week in The Life of … a Sit Stand Desk somewhere in Yorkshire UK

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A week in the life of … a Sit Stand Desk (my other names are:Height Adjustable Desk ; Sit/Stand Desk ; Standing Desk ; Stand Up Desk ; Electrically Adjustable Desk)

50/50 week this week – my owner used my height raising function this week around 50% of the time.I think he has been considering his fitness more. He needs to I think! looks like he may have put on a few pounds to me!

Been talking to my friend office chair quite a lot this week – mesh back … good looking mesh office chair … in my opinion anyhow.A good match for the office, as I am pretty attractive myself in the height adjustable desk world.Not sure she was made in Yorkshire like me but I won’t hold that against her… ????

New starter in the sales team down the other part of the office, might try & find the latest gossip from my static desk friends next week…

Quite a few of the Yorkshire Office team out for a meal and a drink on Friday in Wakefield town centre – celebrating Chris’s forthcoming wedding.

Signing off for now …


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