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Office design has been rarely changed to fit with the current stylings on the time. Since modern and efficient working environments have been discovered and tested, modern office design has taken a step back in its creative progress, focusing solely on efficiency.

Nevertheless these design-less offices may work wonders for peoples postures, however they seem to lack the creative vibe that gets people up and going in their day to day lives. Office designers have taken it upon themselves to design bespoke and intriguing office spaces along with the essential improvements for employees. One design has nothing to hide.

According to those who design the office space on 133 Wai Yip Street, have said their design if for firms who desire to be honest. The building has been stripped down to the bare minimum and rebuilt with glass to form an amazing transparent office space.

Other than glass, the only other aspect added to the design was white paint and steel in order to maintain the purity of the bare structures. The offices themselves are adorned with transparent furniture from desks, to chairs, to shelves and everything in between.

The building is to remind those to remain honest and open, encouraging people to pay more attention to their surroundings.

Here at Yorkshire Office Group, we pride ourselves on offering bespoke and unique office furniture and supplies. With our state of the art office desks and our healthy friendly office chairs, we aim to give your office the most modern feel with its furniture. To see how we can help your office get that new feel, contact us on 01924 888 800.


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