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A new sensor has been designed to help make office environments happier and more productive. The sensor monitors the activity levels in the room, and can then alter certain factors such as temperature or lighting to help employees who may be feeling unproductive, bored or tired.

The sensor has been considered revolutionary, and has said it could transform the way employees could perceive their workplace.

The sensor gives power back to the employees, focusing on the wellbeing of the staff over the state of the space.

It was designed under the impression that if a workspace could be designed to work around the employees and to suit their needs, office work would never be considered as mundane and lifeless as previous times.

By constantly monitoring the environment in the office, the way the space is being used compared to the employees emotional and physical wellbeing, the office has the chance to react and further increase productivity and boost moods.

It is not a surprise that office furniture and technology has a big impact on the lifestyle of an office employee. With studies showing colourful d├ęcor and furniture fit for the individual having the most productive and happy staff, this sensor could further improve office environments as a whole.

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