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A new style of office desk has come to light at the Facilities Show in London, last June. While sit/standing desks have been a big part of several modern businesses for some time now, this desk breaks the cycle with its use of modern technology.

This sit/stand desk can be controlled from your phone, which will electronically raise or lower your desk for both sitting and standing.

The desk offers the complete package for versatile and innovative office furniture, which has been said to hopefully make a dramatic impact on the health of office employees, from helping employees to lose those extra pounds from standing throughout the day, to helping with chronic back and neck pain in employees.

The desk had been developed until its final product in May 2016 and has been designed with many functioning features to help in the day to day work in an office. The desks come with sliding tops and fold down cable trays, premium digital controllers and anti-collision mechanisms. The Gravity desk has said to offer lifestyle benefits to office workers and home users around the world.

The Gravity desk has been constructed with the help of LINAK – a world-renowned manufacturer. The electrically height adjusting desk offers heights from 680mm to 1280mm, with a movement speed of 38mm/s. They can also come in a range of colours, from black, silver and white, and in a range of single and double sizes.

The adjusting desk is also PVC free. For many health reasons and for the environment, the desks come PVC free as standard, making these desks even more environmentally friendly. They have a ten year guarantee on all wooden and metal parts and a 5 year guarantee on electrical components.

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