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Ordering new office furniture can help refresh your office, but can sometimes be a little tricky. At Yorkshire Office Group we have considered the biggest mistakes people can make when buying furniture for their office.

Choose looks over comfort.

At Yorkshire Office group, we aim to give you the best looking and feeling office furniture however it is still important to consider how comfortable you need your office to be compared to how it looks. While looks are still crucial for your office, but your decision should be based upon how comfortable you would want to be after 8 hours sat at your desk.

Know your employees need.

Comfort for one can be uncomfortable for another, so it is important to know what your staff need from their office furniture. Chairs with armrests may not be suitable for bigger employees, and some employees may work best as an individual or as a group, so the decision for which desk to consider is important.

Impulse buying

Buying anything impulsively can always lead to mistakes, and even sometimes regretting your decision later. Make sure to think through all of the things your office needs to make sure you get the right thing, first time round.

Choosing price over quality

While the cheaper item will save you money at the time, getting the right product will save you even more time and money. A higher quality product is likely to last you longer and cause less problems for your staff, not to mention you will be able to enjoy the higher quality furniture on top of saving time and money.

Mismatched furniture

At the same time as choosing the right product for everyone, it is important that they look good in your office. Try to stick to the same manufactures to keep in line with your colour scheme and to get all variations of furniture the same style, making your office more appealing and pleasing to look at.

Not testing the furniture

Alongside making sure your furniture is right for you, testing it is an important step in the process that people normally overlook. Testing furniture takes up no time and is important if you want to make sure you get the best furniture for you and your office.

At Yorkshire Office Group, we can provide your office with bespoke and comfortable office furniture, as well as a range of office utilities. For more information on how we can help you improve the look and comfort of your Leeds, Huddersfield, or York office, check out our website or call Yorkshire Office Group on 01924 888 800.


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