Blog | 8 Tips to organise your office pt.1

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Organised office desk

Your office’s productivity level has a big impact depending on your surroundings. Here at Yorkshire Office Group, we have been considering the things your Leeds, Wakefield or York based office needs to help improve your productivity.

1. Clear out where you work

If you’re desk space is a mess, it’s likely you will find it hard to get any work done. Organising your space can mean you have more room to focus and you will never struggle to find any of those important documents you need to keep close.

2. Rearrange your office

Whether you have or haven’t gotten new furniture into your office, it is sometimes important to change it up. Arrange your desks to promote more productivity, or try an open plan style office if you need to be quite vocal with your colleagues, although be careful of the distraction chatter can sometimes bring.

3. Organise your desktop

Make sure to keep your laptop or computer desktop organised. Knowing where all of your files are and making them easily accessible will go a long way to helping you feel productive and getting more done in your time.

4. Time management

Time management is key in any work environment. If you’re trying to juggle a lot at work or always have a lot to do, making daily and weekly to do lists and fitting them into your schedule will go a long way to managing your time properly and feeling more productive.

At Yorkshire Office Group, we aim to provide your business with bespoke and functional office furniture and utensils for your York, Leeds or Sheffield based business. If you have an office in the Yorkshire area and are looking for inspiration for your office furniture then call us on 01924 888 800. Check out our website for more tips on how to make your office more productive.

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