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Now summer is officially here (apparently), the weather will start to warm up (hopefully). This is lovely if you are at home, or in the garden relaxing and soaking up some rays. But if you are at work, stuck in a stuffy office in Leeds, this can be less then pleasant. If your office does not have a decent air conditioning system then keeping cool can be incredibly difficult, and stifling, stuffy office clothes don’t help. Therefore Yorkshire Office Group, based just outside of Leeds, threw together these few tips for keeping yourself cool at work this summer.

Use a sun screening film – these are films that you can place over any windows which filter out up to 75% of UV rays and help reflect some of the heat from sunlight.

Turn off unused appliances – not only will switching off appliances (rather than just putting them in sleep mode) save you money. Most appliances are a source of heat. While they are not being used switch them off completely to help keep your office cool.

Turn the lights off – turning the lights off works the same as the point above. Bulbs get incredibly hot, and lights are not necessarily needed in summer.

Keep the blinds closed – if you keep your blinds closed during the day then it will stop your office getting hot. Open them as you leave work and the colder night air will help keep the room cool.

Wear lighter clothing – you can be restricted by the dress code of your workplace, but wearing suitable clothing will help a huge amount. If you are required to wear a suit then simply swap wool for cotton or linen.

Drink lot of water – we need to drink plenty of water to be healthy, but this is even more important in summer when we perspire more. Water will help you feel alert and make sure your body works properly, helping keep you cool.

Keep your body cool – there are key points in your body which regulate your temperature over all. Run cold water over your wrists and hold a cold damp towel against your elbows, knees, fingertips, forehead, base of your skill and your neck to help cool down naturally.

Yorkshire Office Group was established over 15 years ago. We started by selling chairs in a small bedroom, and have since grown to be one of the largest suppliers of office furniture to businesses in Leeds. If you would like to learn more about any of the services we supply just give us a call on 01924 88 88 00.


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