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Locktek Bike

As one of the leading suppliers of office furniture and supplies in the Yorkshire region, Yorkshire Office Group get sent through a lot of proposals and sales pitches. But one we got sent recently has left us on the fence a bit.

We got sent through an online brochure from a Chinese company called Locktek. Typically Locktek specialise in stationary fitness equipment, such as stationary bikes and elleptical trainers. However it looks like they are trying to spread their wings into a new market.

The team at Locktek have developed a new range of stationary bikes designed to fit in, around or even act as, your office desk.

One of the stationary bikes puts you in an upright position, with nothing in front of you so it could slot right under your desk. This means when you are working you can keep your legs moving. Perfect for the fitness addict and health conscious.

Locktek also make a stationary bike which has an extension fitted, on which you can sit a laptop or tablet. By doing so this bike then acts as your desk, allowing you to work and exercise at the same time.

Or, for the more discreet fitness addict they make an exercise tool which is nothing more than a set of pedals that sits on the floor. This way it can be tucked out of the whenever it is not in use, yet with the 2.5kg flywheel and micro-adjuster you can still get a good workout in, while still sitting at your desk.

As we said, the team here at Yorkshire Office Group, based in Wakefield, are undecided about these office bikes. While they do provide a good way of getting in some exercise while at work, we believe that they would be uncomfortable over a long period of time, and ultimately be a distraction.

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