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We are living in uncertain times. The EU debate is raging and this is causing large businesses to be careful with their money, which has a trickle-down effect that most people are feeling. This ends up translating as small-medium sized businesses, like the ones in Leeds, having to tighten their purse strings a bit.

One area in which they can do that, is with office furniture. Therefore, as Yorkshire Office Group want to help these businesses succeed in any way we can, we would like to offer a few tips we have learned in our time supplying Leeds based businesses with office furniture.

Broken wheels.

It is a bit dramatic to replace an entire chair simply because the wheels are broken, though we often hear of customers doing so. Most wheels can simply be removed and replaced. If the wheel for your chair is broke, and you can’t glide with proper freedom then just give us a call and we’ll see what we can do for you.

Sinking office chair.

There is nothing worse when you are in full flow at work than your chair repeatedly sinking because of a worn out gas chamber. Thankfully there is an easy fix, which is especially good for those that are on a budget. Simply follow the instructions in this video for a quick cheap remedy to sinking chairs.

Damaged table top.

Over time your desktop can become damaged and worn, through nothing more than continued use. Not only is this a visual irritation but it can also be a physical one too if you are constantly coming into contact with divots and scrapes. Elbow grease and sandpaper is the cure here. Simply sand the desk top down until it is smooth and flush.

Sagging draws.

Typically the wood used in lower quality drawers isn’t great. Over time it will begin to succumb to the constant pressure of the contents of the drawer. It will begin to sag before finally breaking and simply being a huge pain. This is easy to remedy however. Simply pop down to your local DIY shop and buy a replacement bit of wood. As long as it is the same thickness and size it should slot right in, and you will have drawers that could very well be better than they were new.

If you need any advice on bringing any of your office furniture in Leeds back to life, or are in need of any spares then just give Yorkshire Office Group a ring on 01924 88 88 00.


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