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Windows Desktop

Yorkshire Office Group have reported on what work desk can say about you, as a person. But did you know there have been studies conducted into what your background image says about you as well. Depending on the size, layout and of course, image itself is apparently telling of your personality.

A study conducted by Windows Vista, when it was first released found out some very interesting things. By recruiting Donna Dawson, a psychologist who specialises in personality and behaviour, they looked at how people had their computer desktops were laid out, including background image and icon layout and were able to determine certain characteristics in the owners.

For example, a person who had icons and folders strewn all over could be seen to be disorganised and chaotic. A person who had few icons and a generic desktop background would probably be more private, and a person who had a large number of icons arranged into neat rows like to be in control of things, and like to have everything to hand.

The image you have as your background can also speak volumes. If you leave the standard wall paper on it can show that perhaps you are not computer savvy, or you simply do not use your computer all that often. If you have a sporting image it can mean you are loyal and have a sense of adventure. A cute animal wall paper can mean you are compassionate, optimistic and charitable. A picture of a natural vista shows a longing for adventure and that you probably live an active lifestyle.

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