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Yorkshire Office Group always keep our fingers on the pulse of the design world. As we offer bespoke office and furniture design to the Yorkshire area we feel it is important that we keep an eye on the latest designs and developments in office furniture, so we can anticipate trends and serve our clients better.

Students from the Lund University in Sweden have designed a new range of furniture that is specifically aimed at small offices. The students claim that office furniture is typically designed and manufactured with large scale offices in mind. Because of this they often don’t suit the needs of smaller offices that well.

With this in mind they designed a number of interesting pieces of furniture that try to give both an open feel, but with option for privacy when it is needed.

The collection features a chair with large zip up walls, so they can be raised or lowered depending on the occupiers need for privacy. There is a double tiered desk that can seat two or more people that took inspiration from bunk beds. They even created a string of pot plants which help to give life to an office and purify its air.

This is in stark contrast to the recent release of the purposefully dull ‘Boring Collection from Lensvelt, which encourages a lack of ‘quirky’ pieces and a return to traditional office furniture. Whereas the range from the Lund students features a fold down bed so that creatives can take powernaps claiming "Be Right Back allows us to regain energy by taking a rest."

There are some truly interesting and unique designs in the this collection, and we at Yorkshire Office Group think it will find some popularity amongst the younger, more creative offices and start-ups we get approached by.

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