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Herman Miller Chair

Yorkshire Office Group knows just how much of a key role office furniture can play to your business. Studies have shown that office design, layout and furniture has a greater effect on the culture of a business that nearly anything else. Therefore we are always looking out for developments in in the design and development of office furniture.

Legendary designers, Herman Miller, have just released a revolutionary new design of office chair that is built to move with you. The Chairs, which come in various guises, are made from 4 distinct parts: the upper back rest, the lower back rest, seat and frame.

Herman Miller studied people at work and found that they move up to 53 times a minute, trying to get comfortable. This movement, which was directly related to discomfort, led to staff being unfocused and distracted. To tackle this they went on to develop this new design of office chair, which moves with you, offering constant support and comfort.

The majority of people arched their back backwards trying to find comfort, therefore they built the upper back rest with the ability to arch back 10 degrees, to stay with the body.

Yorkshire office group know the importance of staff that are comfortable at their work place. If they are uncomfortable for extended periods of time then they will fidget and lack concentration. If the problem persists then they could risk a long term injury. There is also employee satisfaction and motivation to consider. If an employee is uncomfortable at work then they will be trepid about coming into work.

Yorkshire Office Group are based in Wakefield, but service the entire Yorkshire area. We have a range of services and products, which includes consultations and bespoke office design. To learn more about the services we provide just call us on 01924 88 88 00.


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