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Office Dog

It is estimated that, in the UK, at least 50% of households own a pet, while 16% of offices have pets. Now, at Yorkshire Office Group we know that pets aren’t pieces of furniture, but we are always interested in what keeps office workers across Yorkshire productive and motivated and this extends to the question of whether keeping a pet in an office may help workers perform better.

Bringing pets into work is a growing trend and it’s something business owners in large cities, like Sheffield, are increasingly open to. Since 1996 in the UK, we’ve had an annual Take Your Dog to Work Day, which encourages workers, towards the end of June, to take their dogs in to work with them. Pet Sitters International, the creators of the event, believe it will encourage more people to adopt dogs when they see the bond between the human and the dog.

But what impact can office pets have on Sheffield workers, for example, in regards to the work they produce and their satisfaction at work? Thanks to general pet research we know that access to dogs is an effective stress reliever.

The way this translates to the workplace is that job satisfaction is improved. According to a study in the USA which looked at a company where workers were allowed their pets into work, it boosts morale and performance, helping employees to feel happier at work while getting more work done.

We think four-legged friends, higher motivation and an increase in performance is a great combination. If you do choose to have a pet for your office in Sheffield or anywhere else in Yorkshire, always consider the relevant factors such as whether any employees have allergies or phobias. Also, picking the right breed is, as always, hugely important – a high maintenance dog might just be a distraction for everyone.

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