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For the majority of Yorkshire individuals, their job requires them to sit at an office desk for an average of eight hours or more a day. As a result this can cause a lot of workers suffer from neck and lower back pain, very serious symptoms that can lead to bad posture and long term pain and discomfort in the rest of their lives. Aside from the health reasons to invest in quality office furniture the added benefits can include increased productivity and an overall more positive work environment for your employees.

If your employees are feeling lethargic and in need of cheering up, small changes to your office furniture can make a hugely positive difference, here are a few tips to help your employees feel happier at work.

Orthopaedic Chairs

Not being comfortable at your office desk may seem like a minor issue in the beginning, however, over time it can develop into large problems for both your health and your productivity. To resolve these possible injuries, Yorkshire Office Group supply high quality orthopaedic orthopaedic office chairs, or any of our office furniture including office desks and storage, please do not hesitate to contact our Wakefield-based team on 01924 88 88 00.


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