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Messy Office Desk

The famous quote by Albert Einstein goes ‘If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?’ But while the Nobel Prize winner may have been a dab hand at theoretical astrophysics, his knowledge of office spaces may have been lacking. Luckily, with over 17 years’ experience Yorkshire Office Group can be a bit more helpful.

A recent study showed that a cluttered office undermines productivity and motivation, this could have very obvious negative effects in your workplace, but it can be a bit more personal than that. In a survey carried out by recruitment giants Adecco, it was found that the majority of office workers (57%) judge their colleagues by the appearance of their work space: they assume if you’re slob at work then you must be a slob outside of work.

With open plan offices becoming more and more popular we have greater access than ever before to each other’s personal spaces. So what can you do to help keep your office desk clear and your motivation high?

  • Set a time each week to clean. This could be done last thing on a Friday, so when you come into work on Monday your office desk is clear and you are ready to tackle anything the week throws at you.
  • Make sure there is a bin nearby. When you’re ‘in the zone’ getting up to throw something in the bin can be a burdensome distraction. If there is a bin nearby then it is a simple job to discard any unwanted clutter without breaking stride.
  • Use your drawers. Often over looked, a simple set of drawers can be used to hide away any infrequently used items or office supplies, keeping your desk clean and clear.
  • Stop hoarding office supplies. Most offices have a set place where supplies are stored, and while pens and post it notes have a reputation for being rarer than hen’s teeth, in reality any properly ran office will have ample supplies stocked.

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