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The Best Orthopaedic Chairs

One of the most common complaints that we hear about at Yorkshire Office Group, based in Wakefield, is lower back pain. Luckily, we can help.

Due to advancements in technology more people than ever are sitting down to work. As a lot of manual jobs have been replaced with machinery and robots there is less need for people to be standing up and moving around. But, due to the ever growing prevalence of office based work more and more people are spending their working days sat at a desk. Add to this the daily commute and evenings spent slobbing in front of the TV it’s no wonder our postures are suffering.

A knock on effect of all this slumping is that complaints of lower back pain is increasing. Thankfully, chair manufacturers know this and develop office furniture specifically with the aim of correcting poor posture and alleviating lower back pain. Yorkshire Office Group understand this need for posture correcting office furniture and so below is a list of a few of our favourites.

Cappela Active High Back Posture Task Chair

One of the best orthopaedic chairs available, the Cappela Active High Back Posture Task Chair has adjustable arm rest for flexibility, a high back to maintain posture and a Capacity of up to 18 stone with a strong, sturdy base.

Avior Super Deluxe Extra High Back Posture Chair

The Avior Super Deluxe Extra High Back Posture Chair is a top of line posture chair which will undoubtedly help you to be more comfortable and alleviate your lower back grumblings. It has a fully upholstered, height adjustable posture profile backrest with independent seat and back movements and an Inflatable lumbar support. It even has a gas operated lift which can lift up to 23 stone.

Agility High Back Mesh Posture Chair

The Agility High Back Mesh Posture Chair is an excellent value for money posture correcting chair. This office chair features a heavy duty tensionable mechanism with independent seat and back movements, a twin seat slide, waterfall seat and Ergonomic armrests. Allowing you maximum comfort without breaking the bank.

Influx Posture High Back Asynchronous Armchair Seat

The Influx Posture High Back Asynchronous Armchair Seat has a sculptured seat and back with kidney shaping for the ultimate in back support. It also comes with a height adjustable ratchet back and height adjustable arms. This mid-range chair has features far above its price would suggest and helps realign the body into its natural position.

Yorkshire Office Group have been supplying office furniture and supplies for over 15 years. Based in Wakefield we supply office furniture all over Yorkshire, including Leeds. If you would like to learn more about posture correcting office chairs then call us on 01924 88 88 00 or contact us here


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