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According to office design company, Steelcase, the top office spaces in the world rely on three core strategies which improve employee engagement, productivity and happiness.

After conducting research by looking into dozens of studies carried out on the subject, the company have prepared their biggest findings, which you can see below:

Businesses must provide outlets for employees to focus

According to the research conducted by Steelcase, 49% of employees have trouble focusing at work due to distractions. These distractions could be from other staff members, the internet and social media, which means that 86 minutes of work is lost on average by each person.

At Yorkshire Office Group, our office furniture team speak with a lot of business owners in the Leeds, Wakefield, Rotherham and Barnsley areas that have been looking for stylish office furniture to install in areas outside of the main office. This is because many creative businesses in particular now see the need for a creative outlet – a place where groups of people can go to brainstorm ideas and rejuvenate their productivity and morale.

Make room for a place to relax

Steelcase’s findings stated that a person’s brain has a limited amount of energy to use throughout the day. It is for that reason that the company have included a place to relax as a must-have area in their office space.

Over the years, our office furniture team has installed a range of office seating and tables in ‘chill out’ areas to enable Yorkshire-based employees to keep their creative juices flowing by relaxing throughout the day. Our range of office chairs, which include reception seating and bistro chairs, are ideal for businesses in the region looking for a quiet area for their employees to relax. To see more about our range of office chairs, please click here.

Incorporate physical activity

Perhaps not a surprise, those workspaces declared the ‘best in the world’ have places for employees to move around. That’s because sitting for too long at an office desk can cause health issues. A lot of companies in the Yorkshire area are now installing standing office desks which are ideal for individual and group work. If you are interested in adding standing desks to your workspace, our bespoke office furniture option could help, with our Wakefield-based team working with clients to produce one-off and individual furniture suited to your requirements.

Yorkshire Office Group is a leading office furniture provider based in Wakefield. Over the years, we have helped businesses in Leeds, Wakefield, Rotherham and Barnsley deck out their workspaces with quality furniture. For more information call 01924 88 88 00.


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