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Office trends for 2016

Businesses in the Yorkshire area with visiting clients should stay on top of new office furniture trends in order to create a welcoming impression to visitors, as well as giving the appearance of being a modern and trendy business. Having an up to date office is not only for your clients but for your employees as well, as creating an office that workers are happy to be in will increase their productivity and efficiency.

Luckily for businesses in the Wakefield, Leeds, Rotherham and surrounding areas, Yorkshire Office Group has over fifteen years’ experience in the office furniture and supplies industry which means our team can identify the up and coming trends in office furniture for 2016 easily.

Here’s our advice on office furniture trends this year:

Convertible Workstations

The ability to be able to move office chairs and office tables around the workplace for other uses has been a growing trend over the years. Many companies have begun investing in office desks and chairs that give employees the option to work whilst standing as opposed to sitting. Yorkshire Office Group supply a range of manual adjustable height desks at an affordable price.

Cosy Workplace

A trend that has been hugely welcomed by workaholic offices is to create an office space that is homely. If you are spending more time at the office than at home then it only makes sense to make the space as inviting and enjoyable as possible. Popular office furniture options for this ‘home appeal’ is solid wood office desks and the use of lighting and plants. Particularly successful in creative offices, the introduction of homely office furniture makes employers feel more relaxed and in turn more motivated to work.

Technology is a big part of many modern offices, therefore it is only natural that office furniture adapts to accommodate the need for technology. Products such as office tables, conference tables and even lamps can now be fitted with power outlets, USB ports and charging points to support workers that need to use technology.

If you are a businesses based in Wakefield, Leeds, Rotherham or in the surrounding Yorkshire area and would like to know more about the office furniture or office supplies Yorkshire Office Group stock please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our friendly office teams by calling 01924 888800 or via email here.  


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