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Spruce up your office desk this Christmas

An office desk may not be the most exciting piece of office furniture, but at Christmas it has the potential to become the centre of any Yorkshire workplace. At Yorkshire Office Group, we’ve installed our fair few office desks in workplaces in Leeds, Wakefield, Rotherham and Barnsley, and therefore we know how Yorkshire employees can deck out their workspace using standard office supplies.

Here are the Yorkshire Office Group’s top ideas for turning your essential office supplies into fun decorations:

Get artistic with copy paper

Bog-standard copy paper can be used to make tree and desk ornaments ideal for any office desk looking to be spruced up for Christmas. You could also print Christmas images onto the paper to stick around your office to get everyone into the festive spirit. This is a cheap way to decorate as most Yorkshire offices will use large amounts of copy paper for printing, and if they are running low, our Wakefield-based office supplies cost effective but high quality bulk quantities of copy paper ideal for any business in the region.

Sticky Note Christmas tree

Layer green sticky notes on to a plain wall in a three tiered triangle shape but ensure each row over laps the last. You can even decorate the tree with a paper clip garlands by simply hooking each paper clip through another to create a chain. With a variety of shapes, colours and sizes Yorkshire Office Group deliver sticky notes and other office supplies across the country.

Masking tape snow flakes

Stick strips of white masking tape to a window in a snow flake form. Make sure to cut the ends not rip them to ensure a clean finish.

Yorkshire Office Group is a highly regarded office furniture and office supplies provider based in Wakefield, with our ranges of office desks, chairs and storage becoming extremely popular in businesses across the region. Over the years, we have worked with companies in the Leeds, Wakefield, Rotherham and Barnsley areas, and have received fantastic reviews for our services.

If you have any enquiries regarding office supplies, office furniture or our design services, please don’t hesitate to contact us by calling one of our friendly office staff on 01924 88 88 00. 


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