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The office desk has been one piece of office furniture that has stood the test of time, and it’s done a pretty good job at it as well. But now it seems like it is finally entering the 21st century, as the Government has awarded a £25,000 innovation grant to Opendesk to create “the office desk of the future.”

But what does ‘the office desk of the future’ actually mean?

Well our Yorkshire office furniture experts were pleased to hear that the new desk will look at improving employee health and productivity in the work place. And what’s more, it’s going to come with some pretty cool features in comparison to the bog-standard office desk, including:

  • Full customisation – this means that each employee will be able to set up their own office desk. Office desks could ‘turn on’ when you are close by, and go to sleep when you leave.
  • Technology galore – the office desk of the future could quite possibly vibrate when emails are received, and could even have a built-in computer, LED notification lights, wireless charging and even motion sensors.
  • Positions – Office desks could rise to standing positions automatically for health reasons – something that is already actually required by law in Denmark.

But with all these amazing new features, could many Yorkshire businesses actually afford these futuristic office desks for their employees? Well according to Opendesk, they hope to have these desks ready by the end of 2016, and claim they are only expected to cost 20-25% more than an average office desk.

In the meantime however, Yorkshire Office Group supply an extensive range of modern and stylish office desks and other office furniture from our Wakefield-based head office, which are ideally suited to businesses of any size in and around the region.

Our office desk selection, which includes standard desksbench systemstraining room desks and desk accessories, are all of high quality from leading brands and manufacturers. What’s more, for Yorkshire businesses who are wanting customised office desks we also provide a bespoke furniture option whereby our Wakefield team can manufacture and install desks of custom sizes, colours and materials that meet specific client demand.

Yorkshire Office Group provide a range of office furniture including office desks, office chairs and office storage to businesses in Wakefield, Leeds and York. For more information please call our team on 01924 88 88 00.


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