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For a lot of office spaces here in Yorkshire, finding the right storage methods is sometimes an afterthought, and that’s because a lot of business owners think that organising and implementing it is going to be too much hassle. But here at the Yorkshire Office Group, our team believe that finding the right office storage should be a priority right from the start, and we’re here to tell you how easy it can actually be.

Office storage is crucial to how a workspace looks, not only to employees, but also to potential clients, and that’s because it tidies up unwanted mess. If you have paper documents that are dotted around it isn’t an efficient and productive working environment for your staff, nor does it set a good impression to clients coming into the office.

But with so many products on the market, how on earth do you find the perfect storage solution for your Yorkshire-based business?

Well here at Yorkshire Office Group, our team have helped businesses all across York, Leeds and Wakefield find the perfection solution to their storage needs.

Here’s what we can offer:

  • Storage walls: This cost-effective storage unit is the perfect way for business owners to maximise space within their offices, providing the perfect outlet to store documents. The freestanding unit, which can be installed in any part of your office, is easily assembled, which also means it’s flexible when moving around. Our storage walls also come with a locking mechanism, allowing business owners to have peace of mind if storing private information.

  • Storage boxes: Our storage boxes are ideal for Yorkshire based businesses located in a small working environment. These boxes can be instantly assembled and offer maximum strength for storing records – in fact they are up to 80% stronger than basic storage boxes as they have double end sides and base. They are also perfect for business owners looking to transport files on a regular basis as they are light.

  • Archive storage: Yorkshire Office Group also supply archive storage solutions which can be found in our office supplies division. These storage products offer an ideal solution to help business owners file and store paperwork in an efficient and organised manner.

If you are a business owner in Leeds, York or Wakefield, and you are looking for ideal storage solutions, please do not hesitate to contact Yorkshire Office Group on 01924 88 88 00. 


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