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Avoid back pain with our orthopaedic chairs

If you’ve read our most recent article then you’ll be well aware that millions of people throughout the UK are suffering from undiagnosed back pain.

Though this condition could have been brought about by a myriad of factors, the team here at Yorkshire Office Group know from experience that long working hours are not good for the spine.

As a result, today we’re outlining five ways to avoid those dreaded aches:

1) Keep your chair close

Having both your chair and desk close together ensures that you won’t be unnecessarily leaning forwards.

2) Take a break

Going on a walk or toilet break every half an hour or so will help you to regain your posture.

3) Watch the knees

As it’s comfortable for the spine, keeping your knees at 90 degrees should really help to ease any pain. 

4) Positioning

Rather than sitting how you naturally would, consciously think about it instead. This makes it easier to remain straight and not awkwardly bend your neck.

5) Make yourself comfy

While many new chairs are already extensively padded, adding an extra pillow further boosts their comfort levels.

If none of the above tips are easing your back troubles, Yorkshire Office Group can supply orthopaedic chairs to businesses based in Wakefield, Leeds and Huddersfield.

These are specially designed to promote good posture, and can effectively lessen the likelihood of developing long term spinal damage by providing far more support than regular chairs.

Wholly endorsed and recommended by a fully qualified chiropractor, they are also fully adjustable, and allow the user to choose their desired height and seating position.

For more information on our range of office furniture, please feel free to either call 01924 88 88 00 or fill out our quick enquiry form.


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