Blog | New study reveals that office employees should be on their feet for four hours a day

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Recent research commissioned by Public Health England has concluded that office employees should be spending four hours on their feet a day for health reasons – calling for a change of office furniture in many workplaces.

The study has indicated that those who stay seated more often at work are more than twice as likely to develop type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease and also have a 13% and 17% increased chance of cancer and mortality respectively.

Now it is being said that office workers should actually spend a minimum of two hours on their feet at work, with the ideal amount of time being four hours, in order to avoid future health problems.

Whilst standing in the office may have some weight, here at the Yorkshire Office Group we know that it isn’t a feasible option for all businesses. And, with that in mind, we have ensured that we can provide businesses in the Wakefield and surrounding areas with the highest quality orthopaedic chairs – proven by chiropractor Dr. R Bateman to promote good posture and help with long term spinal damage.

Our range of orthopaedic office chairs are also fully adjustable, which means that your employees will be able to choose the most comfortable height and seating position to ensure that they are suited to those long hours sat down.

However, if you are looking at allowing your employees to stand in the workplace, our highly qualified Yorkshire team can manufacture a vast range of bespoke office furniture – which not only means you can supply your workforce with customised orthopaedic chairs, but with unique standing desks as well. To do this our Wakefield office use a range of materials including leather and fabric for the office chairs, as well as tailor-made MFC and wood veneer for other office furniture.

The Yorkshire Office Group provide a variety of businesses in the Wakefield area with a number of back orthopaedic office chairs, as well as office furniture in the form of deskschairs and storage units.

If you are a business in the area and you are looking for options to help your employee welfare in the form of standard office furniture or our bespoke options, please do not hesitate to contact our Wakefield team on 01924 888 800.


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