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Over the past few years, more and more people have started freelancing and working from the comfort of their own home, with many of us now converting unused rooms, garages or sheds into a small office. So how do you know what office furniture will best suit your requirements?

Here at Yorkshire Office Group, we provide a vast range of stylish office furniture perfect for smaller working areas, therefore our Wakefield team of experts understand the benefits of quality furniture. And so, they have prepared the below guide to finding the right office furniture for your home workplace:

Office Chairs

If you are setting up a one-man office, we recommend that you make room for the extremely comfortable executive chair. Taking its name from its use in board rooms, executive chairs are actually very similar to your standard task chair. Needless to say, they are high in quality and boast a higher back and extra padding for more support through those long working hours.

Office Desks

Perhaps the most convenient choice for a home office, the multi-functional desk is certainly the way to go. Typically seen in IT suites, these office desks are ideal in size, and give you the room and space for extra work and adaptability, allowing you to write as well as work on your computer.

Office Storage

When working in a small environment, it is essential that it is kept clean and tidy to avoid clutter from piling up. And that’s why our Wakefield team can’t stress to you enough how important it is to have office storage space available for your documents. To make the most of your space, we recommend that you look to buying storage walls – they are large, practical and effective in a small area.

However, if you feel like none of the above office furniture will work in your new workplace, fear not as the Yorkshire Office Group actually provide a bespoke furniture option to all businesses within the Wakefield and surrounding regions.

If you are a business and you are looking for office furniture please do not hesitate to call the Yorkshire Office Group in their Wakefield office on: 01924 88 88 00 for more information.


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