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It’s no secret that our surroundings have an impact on our moods, creativity and thought-process, meaning that choosing the right office furniture to suit employee needs is an extremely important task.

Here at the Yorkshire Office Group we consistently see a change in workplace trends, especially when it comes to choosing the right equipment to deck out your office with. To help, we’ve put together some of the workplace’s top trends to help you find the right office furniture:

Collaboration: Getting our hands dirty may be all we know here in Wakefield, but it seems the trend of ‘mucking in’ is really rubbing off in the workplace all across the country, with executives becoming more hands on and hierarchy’s becoming a thing of the past. In turn, furniture is being adapted for casual collaboration, with modular desks and comfortable soft seating becoming a thing of the now.

Creativity: Workplaces are now encouraging creativity from their employees, meaning that office furniture is becoming more colourful and individual. Most of our furniture can be designed to each company’s needs, meaning that the colour, size and finish can be changed on our large range of chairs, tables and storage equipment. It’s these simple things in turn which will have positive effects on your employees.

Spontaneity: Businesses are now becoming much more spontaneous, meaning that just one set of office chairs for a group meeting simply won’t cut it. Seating that can be configured for different size groups is now needed, meaning that office furniture is becoming much more versatile having more than one purpose.

Longer Hours: It seems like the days of 9-5 are in the past for most businesses, which means that office equipment suppliers have to keep in mind people are sitting for long periods of time. New chairs are being designed to suit employees sat for more than eight hours per day, something we at the Yorkshire Office Group pride ourselves on, with our Wakefield store showcasing our fantastic range of task chairs, all of which boast maximum comfort for long periods of time.

If you are still unsure on what office furniture would work best in your office, or you just simply want to see the options that are out there, please don’t hesitate to contact us at our Wakefield office on 01924 888800.

The Yorkshire Office Group has extensive experience with a range of established companies in the Wakefield area.


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