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Now’s the time to invest in storage solutions for your office at Yorkshire Office

As we are all aware another financial tax year has come to an end on April 5th 2015, making now the time to archive your previous years filing, which may need to be held for up to seven years.

Storage systems can also be used to archive company year ends, staff files and industry regulation updates to name only a few other uses for office storage systems.

Maintaining a clean and clutter free office is important for any modern day business or organisation as it will save money, free up floor space and allow your team to be able to seek out relevant files quickly when needed, with an organised archive storage file system in place.

At Yorkshire Office Group, we can provide a great selection of clever and innovative storage systems to help keep your office tidy and organised. We offer storage solutions that can help you to maximise the space within your office.

Storage walls make use of all your available office and storage space and can be fitted from floor to ceiling height. This system can help you to be organised, whilst keeping your office tidy, but also for you to be able to see relevant information and to enable you to pull out files for referencing when needed.

Archive Storage Solutions from Yorkshire Office Group’s office supplies division are also available. Offering an ideal solution to help you to file and store your relevant paperwork in an organised and efficient manner.

We offer storage boxes with 100% instant assembly. Our premium storage box offers maximum strength and durability for the storage of records and archiving documents. In addition to the speed of assembly these boxes are up to 80% stronger than basic strength boxes as they have double end sides and base, for maximum stacking strength, making them strong enough to be stacked up to 6 units high. They can also be used to transport files for offsite storage and frequent moving and handling. These corrugated cardboard storage boxes accommodate A4 and foolscap documents, folders, ring binders and Premium transfer files and are the perfect height for racking systems.

Cost Effective Own Brand archive Solutions are available also.

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