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As we so often mention, being comfy at work is a must.

When the average person is in the office for over eight hours per day, the effects of not sitting properly are quite frankly quite shocking. If we told you that millions across the UK suffer from neck and back pain, would you be surprised? We for one hope that you haven’t found this out first-hand!

Although all of these niggling aches can’t be attributed to the way we sit, Yorkshire Office Group would hazard a guess that it’s accountable for a good portion.

Today we’re evaluating the function of the armrest. You can find out some of its benefits and disadvantages below:

To armrest or not to armrest?

When it comes to armrests, it’s important to remember that the positioning is crucial.

If you have your armrests too high then it’s likely that your body will be tensed up, therefore unnecessary pressure will be placed on your shoulders and forearms. On the contrary, having them too low will draw you into a leaning position, meaning that your neck will be angled awkwardly. As this slightly closes access to your rib cage, it also reduces your capacity to draw in oxygen.

Though it’s hard to give a universal explanation as everyone is different, it’s best to ensure that you feel comfy at all times. As long as you aren’t straining and your monitor is at a comfortable eye level height, then you should be okay – a lot of it is just down to personal preference.

As we’re well aware of this, Yorkshire Office Group offer our customers a full choice of chairs – armrests and no armrests!

To have a browse through our range, feel free to click here.

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