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In the past, office cubicles were one of the best ways in which to make your workers more productive. The private space they had was thought to be more conducive to working more effectively.

However recent studies have found that if you actually want your staff to work more efficiently and be more productive, you shouldn’t box them in at all. Yorkshire Office Group have looked at some research into this and below is some of our main reasons as to why we agree.

Cubicles make you sick

Although everyone thought that cubicles would be good for work development, what they actually did is make people fed up of going to work. The long hours without talking to anyone, staring at a grey screen and generally being alone decrease morale and actually make people dread going to work, reducing overall performance.

The lack of posture

Because of the way cubicle arrangements are worked, you often find that those that sit in them all day are squeezed in, have little if any room to spread out and thus sit very poorly. This can lead to a serious health issue later in life, with common problems being musculoskeletal complications, including leg, neck, back and shoulder pain.

Other health issues

Sitting in a desk for around 8 hours a day without the ability to look away from the screen can also seriously impact health and ca bring on complications with indigestion, your colon and can even lead to more serious problems.

Thankfully, many companies are now moving away from this type of arrangement, with the help of Yorkshire Office Group. Modern open planned offices with zones for creativity and furniture that is both supportive to productive work and the health of employees is very much the modern norm. This has obviously helped to improve performance results and leads to more companies feeling the benefit.

If you still have cubicles at your office, it may well be time to change. If you require a design service of would just like to see the options that are out there, please contact YOG for an initial consultation. We have experience working with many established Yorkshire based companies (in Wakefield, Leeds and Sheffield) so please do not hesitate to give us a call.


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