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Did you know that there are over 100 types of chair, but not everyone is suitable for a working environment or home office? At Yorkshire Office Group, we have an experienced team that know chairs inside out and can recommend the best chair for every working situation.

Below are experienced team look at some of the most popular office chairs and explain why they would work or not work in modern and traditional offices.

The four major chairs are the executive chair, ergonomic chair, the task chair and a mesh chair. The task chair is the most easily recognisable and most common chair found in many offices up and down the country. These chairs have a very basic design and usually have wheels at the bottom of the base. These chairs are very practical for offices where many people could be sitting on the same chair during the course of a week. This is because they are easily height adjustable and are quite comfy. The fact that they are good value for money to also increase their appeal!

Executive chairs are pretty similar to task chairs apart from they have a higher back and are usually a bit more comfortable to sit on. They have extra padding and are perfect for a scenario where the same person will always sit on a chair every single day of the week. Whilst a task chair has no have padding on the armrest an executive chair nearly always does. They get their name because they are commonly used in executive board room and are normally upholstered with leather. They are a very high quality chair.

Mesh chairs are very popular in the modern office room. Over the years, these have developed into a common choice because they allow circulation to the back of the chair and prevent you from getting hot and sweaty at work. That is not the only benefit however as they are highly comfortable and are a great price.

Finally, the ergonomic chair has been designed to provide the most support to key areas of the back. We often stress the importance of sitting correctly and these chairs allow you to do this comfortably and safely. With lots more settings to adjust armrests and the chair height you can tailor this chair for your own specific needs easily.

These are just for the most popular chairs and are all a great accomplishment to the modern office in Yorkshire, (Wakefield, Leeds and Sheffield). Whatever your requirements you should choose a chair that best reflects that need.

If you are unsure which the best chair to choose is, you should always speak to one of our professional team. We will be delighted to show you all the chairs and let you test them out to ensure you have the most appropriate chair for your needs. 


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