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Although everyone knows that people make a decision about people within seven seconds, not everyone realise that the same is made during any walk into a company. With this in mind, it is important that the surroundings you work in reflect your company image, brand and attention to detail.

If you work in a creative industry, it is important that your office looks vibrant, your furniture looks modern and you have some of the latest gadgets. Alternatively if you work in an establish law firm, tradition should play a part in your company furniture designs.

At Yorkshire Office Group, we understand that your office furniture is import and as a result we offer a bespoke design services for businesses in Wakefield, Leeds, Sheffield and everyone else in between.

We start with a consultation to ensure that we understand what you are trying to achieve. For some people it might be that they need more desks in their office but do not want to lose out on space for storage, or make their office look cluttered. Usually however, this problem arises when a company director or manager is unable to get the solution he wants from standard projects and thus requires an expert design team to help him create the perfect environment for the team to work.

When the needs and necessities have been discussed, a design can then start to be worked with and put into concept. Using AutoCad we can create 2D/3D designs so you can see what it will look like in concept. This also allows you to see what the room will look like a) when you walk in for the first time and b) how the working environment might function. At this point any tinkering can also be worked on and if needed, you can request changes to storage or designs to make it look more company ethos.

When this is all agreed, Yorkshire Office Group will then get underwater developing the products you need. To ensure high levels of quality, YOG staff will deliver your products and then install onsite working to the specification.

This is one of the easiest ways to make sure your office furniture is tailored to your company requirements. Should you be in the process of changing your office and know that you need it to represent more than just desks and tables, please do not hesitate to contact our team. Speak to us today on 01924 888800.


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