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Just because you have an office at home, it doesn’t need to be impractical, full of old furniture and full to the brim with storage. Having a space where you can work, your kids can study or you can even use to just keep your files in order can be a great way of shutting off your work and financial worries from your day to day life.

More and more people have now taken advantage of modern desk ideas from some of the very best designers and here at Yorkshire Office Group, we have some of those amazing designs available for home office furniture across Wakefield. Whether you have a small office or a large garage conversion where you and your family spend a lot of your time, you can take advantage of some of the very best features. Below we look at some of the best desks and features available currently.

Multifunctional desks

Multifunctional desks are certainly the way forward. Whether these allow for work to be tidied away and then someone else to work on top, or they just allow for the laptop to be hidden, these can be very beneficial. Some schools have them in IT suits, but many homeowners also have desks which can be used to write on as well as log into the internet at home. You can speak to our designers about this if this would be beneficial, perhaps if you have two children of different ages.

Double Desks

If you and your family needs to have a space each to work in your home office, whey not have a double or triple bench desk system that allows everyone to have their own space as well as a bit of privacy. These have been used in libraries for years but as more families like to have a place where their children can work whilst being monitored, this could well help to get your kids doing their homework. It also allows you to close the door on studying if you want to give them a break.

Desk accessories

Although not a type of desk, these features could well turn your more mundane or ordinary desk into a place where you can charge your phone, have a laptop running, be on the Ipad and have your speakers running at the same time, and with sockets to spare. Some of the best current features include plug sockets on the top as well as screens that can be folded away to make more space in your home.

For more information about a range of different desks which we have available to offices and homeowners across Yorkshire, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01924 888800.


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