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Two architects who used to work together at BVH Architects, creating the designs for schools, office blocks and even jails, have now ditched these roles to become designers of office furniture.

Yorkshire Office Group were delighted to hear this but were shocked to hear that the pair only found their love after they had a project to design a conference from table for a firm.

The pair, Scott and Stolle, said that architecture gave them a good design sensibility but designing office furniture allowed them a sense of creativity that other design work did not.

In an interview written by Jordan Pascalle, Scott was quotes as saying: “Working on that level of detail, working on a piece you interact with everyday, like a table—we liked that. We enjoyed working with that scale.”

The day to day work of the pair has changed so much so that they have actually spent months and months working in a garage and then using reclaimed barn wood and then sculpturing their designs. Such was the success of the pair, a friend of them then asked them to redesign offices all over America.

They have since become experts in using steel, plywood and laminate, offering modern designs but also providing ultimate functionality. The pair know about design and use wood edges to give warmth, exposed colour and depth.

Although this is a story based in America, Yorkshire Office Group know that designers have started to challenge the tradition of office furniture. Today, tables can feature electronic decide pads, be linked together and not follow a traditional rectangular shape, instead having an ergonomic design.

Here, we have designers who can sit down and design your arrangement of office furniture for you. Whether you need specific bespoke arrangements to allow for every part of your office to function properly, or just want to modernise your office, we have the skills and expertise to help.

For more information about our range of office furniture available to businesses in Wakefield, Leeds, Sheffield and Barnsley, please call us on 01924 888800.


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