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A nice, professional, clean looking office isn’t just important for the productivity of you and your staff – it also has a big impact on clients. People are much more likely to do business with your company if they have a great first impression and are impressed by their surroundings.

After over 100 years of industry experience in Yorkshire, we have the expertise to help you out. We’ve compiled a list of some of the things you can do to make your office look and perform better:

Introduce some colour

Neutral colours that are typically favoured in office environments are now being challenged by brighter tones. This isn’t to say that creams and whites can’t work – Apple has had great success in using white to brand their sleek image, but a change to something more striking might be just what your business requires. It’s widely considered that colour psychology has an effect on people’s moods and creates environments that encourage specific behaviours. This view is echoed amongst workers themselves – psychologists found that 80% of UK office staff believe the colour of their surroundings has a significant influence on their emotions and performance. The decision to add more vibrancy doesn’t necessarily have to mean repainting your office walls – you’d be surprised how a change of colour in your chairs, desks or storage can really make a difference.

Choose the right Furniture

Picking the right furniture is particularly important, as it takes up most of your office. The main two things to consider when deciding on furnishings are practicality and visual appeal – it’s vital that your staff are comfy and can move freely, but the furniture must fit in with your office’s design. A useful feature in some of our desks, for example, is the built-in storage. Draws at the side of your desks look both subtle and professional whilst cleverly being space efficient – it saves valuable office space that would otherwise be taken up.

Organise your clutter

It’s hard to work well on a messy desk, and it certainly doesn’t reflect well on the look of your business. Organising clutter is much easier when you have the storage options available – cupboards, filing cabinets and desk accessories are a must have. This doesn’t always have to mean going out and buying equipment however, instead get creative. It’s remarkable how your workspace can be transformed with a little innovation. Tin cans can be accessorised to make great stationary holders, an empty spice rack is brilliant to store elastic bands, and a small hook attached at the bottom of your desk can do wonders for keeping wires from getting under your feet. Get thinking!

We at Yorkshire Office Group have been supplying award winning office furniture and products to Yorkshire businesses, charity organisations and the public sector since 1998. We’re extremely passionate about what we do, provide honest advice and always do our best to cater to our customers. Not only do we have a fantastic wide range of furniture and office supplies, but we also can provide a great bespoke service by working with you to create something special.

If you are interested in making your office look better or have any other queries, feel free to call one of our specialists on 01924 88 88 00.


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