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As one of Wakefield’s leading office furniture suppliers, we are always making sure the products we have provide additional benefits to our clients, including seats which are supportive and desks which do not place unnecessary strains on the legs due to foot position.

Recent studies by the NHS show that if you sit incorrectly at work, you can cause serious back and lower leg industry. Below, we have summarised some of their findings and explain how choosing the correct chairs and desks can help lower the risk of the problem.

Back Pain:

Back pain is often caused when your back is not adequately supported by your chair. Special ergonomic chairs, which are available to all local businesses through Yorkshire, can help to support the back at essential weaker points within the spin structure. If you have a proper chair which you can adjust to suit your back, you can also prevent your back becoming weaker, and when you move in your chair during times of stress or tiredness, the chair will still support the essential parts of the back.

Sitting correctly with feet on the floor:

Often, the furniture you buy for your office is not considered something which you would sit in as comfort, rather for working processes. Yet this is wrong as we spend more time sitting in work desks than at home on the sofa. Many people sit with their legs stretched out and their heels resting on the floor, but you should sit with both feet on the floor. Most updated chairs, which are readily available, have been padded to help you sit more comfortably with both feet on the floor.

Eye level of your screen:

Over time, people have become more aware that the position you have your screen set at can determine your injury prevention capability. For that reason, our design team have been helping companies in the Wakefield and Leeds areas of Yorkshire have desks where the screens are at perfect eye level and these can be adjusted easily dependent of the height of the employee using the screen. This can seriously reduce the risk of neck pain.

These are just three ways in which the furniture you buy can help to limit the impact of injury on your staff members. If you are unsure of how this works, our design team can help talk through how different chairs and tables can meet your required needs.

If the health of your employees is paramount to your company and you are considering changing your older desks or chairs, please do not hesitate to contact our team on: 01924 888800.


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