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Yorkshire Office Group are delighted to announce that the sales of mesh chairs has dramatically increased in the first six months of 2014, compared to the same period in 2013.

Mesh Chairs are one of the most popular office chairs for businesses in Wakefield as they combine comfort with practicality and a modern look. With more and more local companies also looking to provide greater care to their staff, comfort at work is of high importance to almost every employer this year. This theory is proved as sales in the first six months are up 212%.

Mesh Chairs are popular for a number of reasons, although their great value for money makes them a really advantageous and financially viable choice. For an office with eight chairs fully installed and delivered, it could cost less the £900 for your company and with a range of standard colours available, can tie in to your companies office design easily too. The most common colour is black mesh with a black seat however please do speak to one of our team if a different colour would be your preferred choice

Mesh Chairs use a traditional operator chair system with an upholstered seat and a strong back, but features a mesh type design instead. This air mesh fabric back provides great comfort and also prevents sticky and uncomfortable situations at work. It also helps to regulate your body temperature keeping you fresh and alert during the day.

Mesh chairs feature some great benefits to the user too with lock and tilt functions so that you can achieve a perfect personal angle to work in comfortably.

Such has been the high demand, although they are usually available from stock, orders of over 10-20 now have a slightly longer lead time due to the increase in purchases. The contemporary look and the comfort has been a really big attraction for Wakefield based businesses this year.

If you are considering upgrading the chairs in your office, or would like to take advantage of these great products, please do not hesitate to speak to one of our team. With multiple years experience in the office supplies and furniture industry and a client list of many of the biggest Wakefield companies, we can provide a high quality service for you.

For more information on any of our furniture, including desks and storage units, please call us on 01924 888800.


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