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At Yorkshire Office Group, we like to provide companies with the highest of quality office furniture to enhance their business and help improve productivity in the work place.

Currently, we can provide desks for the general office arrangement, bench systems for more library style sitting and large grand boardroom desks. We can also provide a wide range of desk accessories which can enable you to work more proficiently sitting down.

Often we get people who are unsure what kind of system would be best for their office environment, so below we have taken a look at the desk and bench systems in detail to help you make an informed choice on office furniture.


We have a versatile range of desks for a many different purposes. Normally standalone, they can feature smooth contours and finishes, highlighting your creative size or if it is tradition you are looking for, highlight style and class. With a range of different sized desks and heights available you can get a desk that is perfect whether you spend time at it every day, have specific requires such as for a graphic designer and much more.

In addition to this great quality, if you have very specific needs, a bespoke desk can be designed for you to meet your exact requirements. This may have storage underneath, specific space for an essential piece of kit or much more.

Bench Systems:

Bench systems can give you the much needed space for multiple people to work, without the need for a larger office. Bench systems can feature four, six or even eight work stations depending on your personal preferences, and can be fitted with additional plug sockets. With the ability to have open planned or closed stations, it can be perfect for telecoms companies, or those who need to have team work environments on a day to day basis.

They are strong, versatile and come in a wide variety of styles so you can get one to compliment your company ethos and existing arrangements.

If you are looking to add brand new office furniture to your building in Wakefield, or anywhere else in West Yorkshire, please get in contact with us today. You can speak to one of our design team by calling 01924 888800.


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Its a very nice tips about buying office furniture. And everyone should go with it.

John Travolta     14th September 2014 18:30

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