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Making sure your office looks great, has comfortable chairs and is an environment where you staff feel at their most productive is of high important to any business.

With this in mind, Yorkshire Office Group based in Wakefield can provide you with a service that enables you to get the correct seats, tables and desk to suit your company. Whether you are in the need of receptions, tables, desk chairs, boards and partitioning or storage for your Wakefield based office we have a package available.

Ensuring that your chairs meet up to the standards of your employees is a very big thing and for office based work, most of the working day will be spent sat down. With options that are specifically designed to aid back posture, as well as those for comfort, there is no reason to get a chair not adequate for your employers.

Having office furniture that meets your specific requirements need not be boring however, and at Yorkshire Office Group we have a specialist design team that can help you achieve modern designs for your office. Whether that means you have white tables or plan the room the create a more positive working environment, we can provide a service that will help you achieve great results.

Other furniture such as tables and storage is also important for your Wakefield based business, so again our products offer many different arrangements to meet personal preferences. This can include storage within desks or cupboards which have built in filing spaces. Whatever your requirements, an option can be found!

If you are moving into a new office and require a brand new start, we can also help you plan the acquisition of all your items for you and help you to visualise how it will look before you buy any items.

For more information on how Yorkshire Office Group can provide added benefit to your office furniture needs, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01924 888800.


Mostly our Office furniture can sometimes look dull and boring, so my suggestion is reinventing furniture is all about making your furniture look new and different by playing around with paints, fabrics and space.
also It a good way to design our workspace with discussion of employees.

John Travolta     14th September 2014 18:30

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