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Yorkshire Office Group Managing Director John Kaye believes in challenging himself and his employees daily when it comes to providing high quality office furniture and office supplies in Wakefield.

Yet when others will be resting, he likes to take these personal challenges further and last month he took part in a 45 mile Moors and Shores off road cycling event in North Yorkshire. The bike endurance event was not classed as a race, although with many competitive cyclists out there, the experience turned into a quick cycle around the Dalby Forest.

The Dalby Forest is undulated which made the challenge even more tricky, and with the weather also not at its finest, there was wind, rain and the occasional warm outbreak of sun to contest with too.

The feat is even more incredible when prior to putting his body through 45 miles of pain, John had only previously ridden for 14 miles continuously, which he admits was never going to be enough training for such an event. He had however put in a lot of miles on the bike but just not in one go and if he does do one again, he will try some longer rides in the lead up to the event.

At 51, John had never done anything like this before, but it took him only 5 hours to complete the course, after finding a good rhythm within the first few miles and then battling through the mental brick walls around half way and towards the end. He admitted the day was very challenging, including leaving his home at 6.45am on a Sunday morning and being ready to cycle at 8.15am.

John’s next adventure outside of the company is not yet known, however within it he is striving hard to acquire more office furniture contracts with local Wakefield based businesses as he continues to develop the company.

Should you be in the need of office furniture or supplies and like the attitude and dedication John puts into his company and home lifestyle, please do not hesitate to get in contact with one of our team by calling 01924 888800.


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