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It might be a little bit late for a spring clean, but with it being almost halfway through 2014, it could be time to check through your files and put items you have not used, or that are old versions into storage within your office.

If you are looking for more storage, or to change your storage options then there are currently lots of choice on the market. Gone are the days when storage would actually be seen to date or provide a less inviting method of keeping documents. Now, with clever and innovative designs, which are available through us, storage can actually make things much easier to access and instead of making your office look date, provide the creativity it could well need.

With a range of storage options which include completely closed to some exposed sections of cupboards and shelves, you be as transparent as you like about your filing methods. With on hand designers as well, we can help you create a storage unit to meet your specific requirement, which could include a range of different preferences to meet the storage of books, company information, files and much more.

With a range of different materials including timber to have your unit built from, you can also get the perfect storage unit to accompany you already stylish and creative looking office. Whether it will be hidden in the corner, or become a focal point of the office, ensuring it represents your business properly is of major importance.

So, if you require storage units for your office, look no further than Yorkshire Office Group for your needs. Our team are on hand to help you and make sure the choice you pick meet not only your needs now but all the future development of your business. For more information call us on 01924 88800.


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