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At Yorkshire Office Group, we are thrilled to be involved in many start-up office based businesses providing the very first pieces of office furniture and office supplies for the company.

Over the years we have seen companies from Wakefield, Leeds and further afield grow into large multinational corporations, built on the firm foundations of our office furniture and office products.

With more and more people venturing on their own, or considering starting up a business, we have looked at some of the furniture essentials that you will need to make sure your brand new office has that professional feel, has the equipment you need and is a nice place to work.

Firstly after you have obtained your office, furniture is the next item you need. At Yorkshire Office Group, we have a wide range of differing desks, from individual stand alone systems, through to bench systems and much more. Depending on how many people work for the company, you may just require one, or believe that desks which can be linked together might be better.

After choosing the right desk, desk accessories are always a good accompaniment, so these are also available, with a range of different options depending on budget and exuberance.

To work at the desk, it is important you have the right chair, which not only looks great, but is also practical and provides much needed support to your back during the working day. From Task Chairs, to Orthopaedic Chairs and 24 Hour Chairs, we can provide you with multiple options leaving you completely satisfied once you have made your purchase. You can try these out prior to buying!

Finally, you may also require storage options for important documents, help keep your work organised and much more. We can provide small, large, discrete and many more variations of storage depending on your personal preference, and they can also be linked to your choice of tables to keep a continuous theme running through the office.

Regardless of your personal preference budget or design demands, our team are on hand to take you through every stage of your initial office set up to ensure your new working environment provide you with the space to work effectively and showcases your company image properly.

To speak to our team, or to discuss at further length our range of products, please contact us on 01924 88 88 00 at your earliest convenience.


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