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For most companies, the reception is the first things a prospective client or customer sees. It is important it sends out the right image of the company, is clean and has a friendly face behind to help direct people to the right area.

Due to more people taking an interest in how their reception looks, companies like ourselves are now able to offer bespoke modern designs that look superb in offices across the Yorkshire region. Such is the influx of outstanding designs, effective lighting systems, circular reception booths and much more are now able to be incorporated to personalised designs.

Our huge range of reception desks can be tailored to your specific requirements. Depending on whether you require space for people to have a conversation, for the receptionist to take appointments and much more, we can provide a solution for you.

The reception is also not just about the desk and a comfy and inviting waiting area is also essential, especially if it is somewhere where people could wait for a short amount of time until their meeting/appointment is ready. With this in mind, our range of reception seating could also help to set the right atmosphere, look professional and even be used as a great meeting point prior to having a meeting in the boardroom. Options for this include individual seats, modular sets and bench systems.

Whether you are looking to create a design that shows your creative flair or something traditional and routine, Yorkshire Office Group has options available for all your needs. Please feel free to speak to one of our team today by calling 01924 88 88 00 to discuss your needs. We look forward to your call.

Don’t let your reception set the wrong image again!


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