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If you work in an office and sit at a desk using a computer all day, it is very important that you sit properly to prevent injury. Follow these tips for the perfect office desk posture:

Support your back

Support your lower back by adjusting your chair so that your knees are level with your hips. This will reduce the strain on your back. A footrest may also be required to support the legs and reduce pressure on the back.

Adjust your chair

Make sure that your chair’s height is adjusted to enable you to use the keyboard with your wrists and forearms set straight, with your elbows at the side of your body to form at approximately 90 degrees to form an L-shape at the joint. This may help prevent a number of repetitive strain injuries that are common among people who work in an office environment.

Rest your feet on floor

Set your feet flat on the floor or on the footrest if you are unable to reach the floor due to height restrictions. Avoid crossing your legs, as this can cut-off circulation which can cause pins and needles at best and hip problems at worst.

Place your screen at eye level

Move your screen directly in front of you, if it isn’t already. Place the monitor about an arm’s length away from you and adjust the height if necessary, so that the top of the screen is at eye-level. If the screen is too low or high, this will cause discomfort because it will force you to bend your neck.

Using the keyboard

Place your keyboard directly in front of you and between four and six inches (15cm) away from the front edge of the desk when typing. Maintain your elbows in an imaginary vertical line under your shoulder and in close to your side.

Keep your mouse close

Keep your mouse as close to you as possible and keep your wrist straight.

Make objects accessible

Make sure that all of the items that you use frequently are in easy reach from the position described above and that you will not have to strain when reaching for the stapler or pen.

As experts in office furniture, we are fully aware of health concerns relating to office-related injuries. We also know that they can be prevented. If you live in Bradford or Leeds and would like more advice on these matters, or would like to see our range of Furniture Chairs & General Seating designed to make your in-office experience more comfortable, please call us now on 01924 88 88 00.


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